Lice can easily be confused with dandruff, product residue, or pieces of dirt. If you are not sure if your child has lice, call us and make a lice screening appointment. Lice screening consists of professional scalp examination. Lice screening lasts 5-15 minutes. To avoid further family and friend infestation*, we recommend all family members to be checked.

BEFORE SCREENING Please prepare your child and/or other family members hair for examination. Hair has to be clean of hair products (hair gel, foam, and similar products), dry, and combed or brushed thoroughly to avoid detangling fees. You do not have to wash your hair before the exam. Lice are easier to spot when the hair is two or three days unwashed. Our technician arrives to your home discreetly, in an unmarked car, in plain clothing and brings the workstation. In order to do successful treatment, you should ensure enough space and possibly enough light. Hair treatment or screening can be done in your kitchen, living room, or on the balcony, weather permitting


The treatment consists of damping the hair, applying conditioner, and combing with professional lice comb.

TREATMENT DURATION For people with a long hair and a medium infestation, the treatment lasts approximately 1to 2 hours. Short hair treatment with medium infestation usually lasts half an hour. In case of extremely long hair and higher infestation* (more than 30 adult lice) the treatment lasts longer. Please see Pricing for details.. V-LASI does not provide haircutting services.

RETREATMENT In case of medium or high infestation, it is possible that a few nits remain after the initial treatment. That is why we recommend a repeated treatment in about 7 days. Within 7 days the remaining live nits will grow into the size large enough to be caught with the lice comb, but before they produce eggs. It is necessary to eliminate young lice within 7 days.

TIPS&TRICKS During the treatment, our technician will advise you how to delouse your home, clothing, and hair accessories. They will explain how to avoid further infestation, and teach you how to examine your child’s hair properly. You can read more about preventive measures in Home cleaning instructions and prevention section.

*Infestation med. (lat.- Infestatio) - parasitic attack or subsistence on the skin and/or its appendages, as by insects, mites, or ticks